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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning the woman who abandoned her little girl in morgan hill rather than face the music for shoplifting is in jail this morning. a bizarre story that seemed headed for a tragic conclusion. and thousands of bicyclists were in the streets of san francisco and slowed thousands of drivers." did they all get along? good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. summer is gone, but not forgotten. less take a look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> that's right. it is a spare the air day today. we are anticipating some pretty warm weather. right now we have plenty of fog, in fact some mist. be careful if you head on in this morning across any of our bridges. upper 50s is what you can expect to the low 50s all around the bay. but quickly we will warm and in
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fact today the much more comfortable day around the bay. in fact we are talking about excessive heat watch for the end of the weekend. so by noontime temperatures will climb into the 70s around the bay. low 80s in our inland valleys but then look what happens by 4:00. we are talking mid-90s, into the mid-80's around the bay. it will be a nice evening. not much in the way of low clouds and fog and the winds are expected to be relatively light. terry. >> thanks a lot, lisa. this morning she is in custody. the woman accused of leaving her daughter behind of a getting caught shoplifting is in bars. 34-year-old marscy keelin was arrested in nevada last night. officers found her in a motel room with a male companion and her 11-month-old son, ashton. she said she would kill herself if she couldn't be with her baby. she's wanted in connection with a shoplifting incident in safe way. she had her cart full of
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groceries which were not paid for to the exit. when she pulled up to load up, she saw store employees were on to her. she took off, leaving her daughter behind. she's been dodging authorities ever since. she's scheduled for an extradition hearing monday in nevada. the woman accused of ditching her daughter after trying to shoplift in morgan hill is in custody. we did that story. critical mass celebrations continue throughout the weekend in more than 300 stories worldwide as bicyclists celebrate two decades of pushing for bicyclists' rights. a bike ride will take place this morning. nick smith has the story on last night's anniversary ride where an estimated 6,000 bicyclists tied up rush-hour traffic. [horns honking] >> the thrones of cyclists moved about the city in aim less celebration while drivers could do nothing but sit and wait. >> we arely not blocking traffic. we are traffic. >> for drivers, it was putter
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frustration. at market, we saw one rider reach into a car and tussle with a driver. other people at the scene then pulled the bicyclist away from her. >> you are breaking the law. >> in texas we would shoot your [bleep]. >> san francisco police closely monitored the ride, at one point telling drivers to be patient. >> it happens once a month. >> i wish i would have known that when i bought a ticket that happens to be the 20th anniversary. it's probably -- >> there were moments of politeness. here some riders cleared an intersection to let the cars through. a large crowd road around in circles and then held up their bikes in victory others just took it all in stride. >> it's part of living in the city. >> san francisco police confirm that there have been no arrests. in san francisco, nick smith, abc7 news. a lot of demonstrations took place in the mission district overnight. at 18th and valencia a splinter group of about 200 riders occupied the intersection by riding in circles through
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traffic light changes. some drivers were very frustrated but they kept their cool and backed away from the intersection. all in all bicyclists and motorists thought it went off pretty well. >> i thought they were all pretty peaceful and we all worked he together to make it a positive ride. >> some got out of cars and waved and honked in delight. >> i lived here for a year and i was wait to go run into something-like. this i think it's pretty cool. >> a lot of people driving in san francisco last night had to from a little patience, and they did. in los angeles right now drivers are being told to stay off the road had. this is a live picture of the san diego freeway where a ten mile stretch of freeway linking west los angeles and the san fernando valley is shut down. it's one of the world's busiest freeways. demolition crews are tearing
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down a bridge. they have until monday morning to clear away the debris and build a new one. the contractor faces huge penalties if the work isn't done in time for monday morning's commute. we will keep an eye on it and let you know how the job is pro grossing. a family is remembering a young student, struck by an s.u.v. as she road her bike home from school. she was 12-year-old and moved with her family from new mexico last month. hundreds of people mourned her loss last night. we have more. >> novato showed its grief and support for the rat live family friday night at the high school in novato. about 300 came to join in a vigil and a moment of high sense for the 12-year-old. a tearful mom was hugged by friends and family. angela spoke to us off-camera about her daughter. >> in the twelve short years that haley was here, she has changed and touched and impacted
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more lives than most people do in an entire lifetime. and i miss her so much. >> police say haley was bicycling home from school at about 2:30 thursday afternoon when she was struck by an s.u.v. haley was taken to oakland's children's hospital where she died of the injuries. her death moved the community, especially those with children. >> when something like this happens and you wonder how you can prevent it. >> it is sad when it hits the community because you think of your children, how it can happen to them. and it's emotional. >> teddy bears, flowers are and candles brought to the vigil, as well as a couple white balloons. a memoirial a few feet away from where she was struck is filled with toys and flowers for haley and her family. the man driving the s.u.v. has not been charged in the accident. novato police say the cause of the accident is still under investigation and they say that
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investigation may take as long as three days to three weeks. abc7 news. governor jerry brown has signed in law two bills that affect bay area residents. one regulates the use of red light cameras statewide. this bill specifically prohibits the use of red light cameras solely to raise revenue for local governments. it requires camera locations be based on safety considerations and nothing else. it also requires adequate signs to notify drivers that the cameras are in use and make it easier for wrongfully ticketed drivers to get that ticket cleared. >> governor brown also signed a bill expanding the ban on openly carrying handguns to include rifles and shotguns with a few exceptions. the new law makes it a maryland to display an unloaded firearm of any kind in a public place. however it does not apply to hunters, members of the military, rural californians or anyone transporting guns to shooting ranks or to gun smiths.
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>> the expanded plastic bag ban is almost here. come monday you will have to pay ten cents for a paper or compostable bag from the city retailers. none of them will be allowed to offer you plastic. the ban goes beyond big box and grocery stores to include smaller mom and pop stores and in july it expands to include restaurants. it is intended to help san francisco reach it's zero waste goal. there's a claim against the city. the matrix card room says a convoluted permit program pushed back its opening by four months and it's asking for a minimum of ten thousand dollars for what is calling the unpredictable and frequent delays in san jose's licensing process. claiming the claim is the first step toward filing a lawsuit. it planned to open last april and didn't open until august. 19u his military veterans filed a lout in federal court saying they were raped in the armed forces and faced
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retaliation for reporting the climb. two spoke about their ordeal. they told stories of harassment and assault by military superiors. one said she was raped several times starting as a recruit in 2003. >>. >> i felt i had two choice, willing or unwilling. i knew if i stood up for myself more i would be isolated for and abandoned. >> congresswoman jackie speer joins the plaintiffs. she's sponsoring a bill called the stop act. that was create an impartial of military and review of experts. it order them to review their sexual assault prevention programs. coming up next, a dog owner going after united airlines. what happened when he tried to fly his dog across the country to san francisco. an nfl football might soon return to los angeles. the huge step taken by the city to build a brand new stadium.
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and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! >> a miami man is furious after his dog died on a cross-country flight. back in august michael and his dog bam bam hopped on a united airlines flight to san francisco with a stopover in huston. united advertises a program that offers personal handling for pets in air-conditioned vehicles during four hour layovers. in huston he had a two hour layover and he noticed bam bam in his crate on a luggage carrier. >> it's right under the wing. we were right there and had a direct shot and we could see him. he was so hot and his tongue was like hanging down. >> bam bam died on the flight to sfo. united performed a nacropsy and said he died of a heart attack.
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the man wants the airline to be clearer about what people should expect when they fly with their pets. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger said his affair with the housekeeper is, quote, the stupidest thing i have done." he's promoting his autobiography, total recall. he said he was confronted the day after he left office. schwarzenegger admits he did wrong. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. schwarzenegger is trying to rehabilitate his image. his book will be released next week and he has a few action movies coming out. apple is apologizing to i-phone5 users for problem with its new map applications. tim cook acknowledged several flaws in the new mapping system and vows that apple will make corrections.
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in the meantime cook encouraged i-phone5 users to download more reliable map applications such as map quest and waze. and instagram had more users than twitter for the first time last month. data released this week said the free mobile app had 7.3 million daily users in august. that's 400,000 more than twitter. instagram allows users to take and post photos that look like polaroids. the company was recently purchased by facebook. unlike twitter, instagram does not maintain a website and is reaping the benefits of a large shift to me bile devices. hold on to your football team. the los angeles city council has approved documents to build a new stadium to lure a national football league franchise. city has been without an nfl team for 17 years now. yesterday the l.a. city council approved an array of documents that will clear a pass for the 72,000 seat farmer's field.
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it's already being build as the most environmentally friendly stadium in nfl stadium. what is not clear is if the developer of the $1.2 billion stadium will be able to persuade an n team to move to los angeles. christopher stevens, the late ambassador to libya, will be honored before this afternoon's cal football game a moment of silence will be held in his memory. stevens graduated from cal back in 1982. this a degree in history. the school also announced it established a memorial fund in his name. elves killed earlier this month on an attack in libya. it was first believed to be a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim it will many but it's now been accomplished it was a planned assault. and the big story today is the weather. we have it going back to one more weekend of summer kind of like? kind of like. you are right. tomorrow we have the excessive heat watch. today things are getting
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underway with a spare the air day and lots of fog. in fact, this is our high definition emeryville camera where there's fog everywhere except for concord. we will look for the marine layer to compress quickly, and the temperatures straight ahead. >> and the a's return home against seattle, trying to secure a wildcard spot.
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>> responding to a petition from
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the northern california wildlife group, they will consider listing great white sharks as an endangered species. there are fewer than 400 of the iconic creatures in california waters. it will take about a year while they study the shark populations. despite a prominent place in the pop culture, little is known about the great white sharks, especially their breeding habits. it's already halloween at the winchester mystery house. it's hosting it's fright night ahead of all hallowed eve. there are flash light tours through the home's haunted mays where 110 spirits look. the fright night tours are held on select evens through november 3rd. are you thinking about halloween yet? >> no. but there's a full moon coming up. >> harvest moon. >> yes, and that will be very pretty and we will see that because the clear conditions, the winds are switching and a lot of fog this morning. you wouldn't know we are on our way to a very warm weekend.
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high definition emeryville camera, we are looking at temperatures in the 50s. sunrise 7:04, setting at 6:55. less than twelve hours of date. the marine layer now less than 1500 feet. boy, is it foggy out there. if you are headed out this morning, be careful. we have mist, as well. live doppler 7 hd this morning. plenty of low clouds and fog and they will continue to be banked up along the shoreline throughout much of the morning. then pulling back. we will look at our sunny beaches today. but staying comfortable with a light sea breeze there. so 54 right now half moon bay, 55 in redwood city. looking at numbers in the mid-50s with fog all the way into the livermore valley. also san jose reporting fog with five mile visibility. three mile visibility on the coast and two and a half miles up around santa rosa. so still no fog in concord burks we will be looking tough marine layer to quickly disperse and
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with that warm weather today. excessive heat watch underway for tomorrow and temperatures will warm further. it's a spare the air day today with poor air quality east of the bay, especially the inland east bay, the santa clara valley and moderate air quality here. the on shore greatings will stay at the coast. that means we will see the fog for the fog fest in pacifica. that will allow for a nice afternoon with sunshine around, let's say, 2:00 is then looking at low 60s. today pretty pleasant there but by tomorrow you will be in the 70s at the coast. so statewide it's pretty hot everywhere, especially in the central valley. notice the fog pushes back and we will be looking at plenty of sunshine but but a beach hazard as well. if you are tempted to check out the beach, especially along the central coast, we have a strong rip current with large shore breaks for all of these places here, monterey state beach, so keep that in mind and definitely do be careful out there.
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high temperatures today for the a's game, it's going to be on the warm side with upper 70s there. 70 in the city. look at all the 80s returning for napa, fremont today, 85 in san jose. mid-60s around the coast. so with lots of fog out there this morning, the visibility is reduced. we will see that on show flow. and then things get pretty flat. so we will see even very comfortable temperatures from montry to santa cruz with 90 in gilroy and we are looking at, yeah, we talked about the full moon. e will be looking at temperatures here in the 60s and this is, of course, the first full moon after the equinox. the seven-day fast calls for upper 90s for tomorrow. one of the warmest days should be monday and then a slight cooling trend with about 90 wednesday. notice we don't cool often all that much. we have to wait until the end of the work week. 49,000 viewers have already liked us on facebook. so if you do that, all of you
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will be eligible to enter our sweepstakes to win $49,000. just go to news and click the win $49,000 button. that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. it's not a long form. we will announce the winner october 18th right after the 49ers game here on abc7. that's fun and exciting. >> too bad it's not named the 109ers. $109,000 wouldn't be bad. and we can win because we work here. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. in sports this afternoon, the a's will continue their quest for a wildcard spot in the play offers. oakland two games ahead of the angels with five games left after beating the mariners last night at the coliseum. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the finish line is in sight. six games away as the a's took the field last night. question for the athletics, can they get there with a playoff spot.
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a's opening a three-game series with the mariners. before the game the pitcher brandon mccarthy accepting the nomination for the roberto clemente aword. great to see him back after the wick line drive to the head. nice to see coco crisp back after nine games with eye problems. seeing 20-20 here. 1-0 a's. in the third, stephen drew. high, deep, and aloha! a's with the 3-1 cushion. in the seventh, josh donaldson singles up the middle. two runs score. a's bust it open. to the the left, and have no fear, cespedes is here. and they stay one game behind the orioles and two up on the angels for the wildcard spot with five games to play. and giants and san diego. how did that get in my closet? giants leading 1-0 in the third. pablo sandoval, deep to left center that. scores ryan vogelsong and marco scutaro for the 3-0 giants lead. solid outing by vogelsong.
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he's been shaky as of late. allowed just one run, struck out 4 and gets the w in a 3-1 giant victory. history was made last night in pittsburgh. reds and pirates, david decastro wit bailey, nicknamed homer after his great grandfather, tossed a no-hitter. he came in the game with a modest 10-12 record. struck out ten, took the no-no to the ninth and this would be the final out. alex presley pops up. 1-0 the final. seventh no-know of the year. becamely the first reds pitcher to throw a no-hitter since 1988. tiger woods lost both of his matches in the opening day of the ryder cup. as a result, he's being benched for the morning session today. that has never happened before. even with tiger struggling, team usa did just mine at medina just outside of chicago. phill mickelson and keegan bradley both won their matches. lefty with a tee shot on 17th. the europeans concede the match n the afternoon match tiger woods along with steve stricter, two down on 16.
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it's tiger time. slowly rolls home the birdie. oh, yeah, he's pumped. but nicholas of belgium. first ryder cup, 8 birdies and an eagle. he was playing out of his mine. on 18 woods needs this putt to square the match, and it rolls right by! woods in shock and agony. still, the u.s. leads europe 5-3 after day one. the first team to get to 14 1/2 points wins the ryder cup. reminder we have college football this afternoon on abc7. it's wisconsin and nebraska in big ten action. 5:10 check off. see you after the game. a have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, the national campaign today to help people dispose of unwanted prescription drugs. and there's a critical shortage at bay area food banks. this morning we are low on supplies because the government hasn't lived up to its commitment for months. and a special honor for a little
5:27 am
boy killed in san jose. we will show you how the city is remembering him and making the area
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>> blakeing news in vallejo. a fires damaged private law offices. take a look. right across from the superior courthouse. the fire broke out about 1:30 this morning. it was quickly put out by firefighters and nobody was injured by officials say this fire is suspicious. they are calling an arson investigators. mayor davis shares the office with another attorney. after hearing about the fire he arrived at the scene this morning appearing visibly shake bin what happened. it's considered a crime a crimee and that's all fire officials are saying for now. new this morning, today is the day you can turn in unwanted prescription medications. no questions asked. it's a national effort by the drug enforcement administration or dea to help you rid your home of potentially dangerous expired
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unwanted or unused prescription drugs. bay area police agencies are opening their doors today from ten this morning to two this afternoon. the service is free and, yes, it is anonymous. the program began back in 2010 and since then almost 774 tons of prescription drugs have been recovered nationwide. more information on bay area collection sites we have a link on our website, under see it on tv. a lack of shipments from the federal government is leaving bay area food banks in empty shelves and it's happening just as demand for food is especially high. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has details from the almeda county food bank in oakland. >> the empty shelves say it all these days at the alameda county community food bank. for the first time in a long time the food bank has had to go without deliveries of crucial items like canned vegetables, fruit, rice, beans and frozen meats. the reason, the u.s. department of agriculture hasn't delivered
5:31 am
surplus commodities to oakland in two months. >> we haven't received a shipment from usda attempts since july so we are experiencing a great shortage that our clients are feeling. >> normally they would have about 1 million pounds of usda food on the shelves. now they are down to about half of that. it's the same story at the food barge of contra costa and salano that relies heavily on the usda delivery. it's not clear if it is diverted or not available due to the drought in the midwest. the usda has yet to give us those answers. but the reality is coming just as the command for food in those counties remains extremely high. >> to more families find themselves turning to the food bank these days and we're a lifeline to them. so the need in alameda county is growing. we are serves one in six alameda county residents, the majority of which are children. >> to try to offset the shortage, both east bay food
5:32 am
banks are appealing to the public, asking for them to organize their own food drives. and make monetary donations. >> we can turn every dollar that is donated into four dollars worth of food that we can distribute. we will come down here and volunteer, help out, lend your voice, call your legislator. there's a lot that can be done to help our neighbors in need. >> ice unclear at this point when these government shipments might resume, if the public wants more information on how they can help this food bank and the other one in contra costa county. that information can be found on our website, in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> a professional bowler from the bay area died early yesterday morning on highway 101 in redwood city. tony reyes was on tour 14 seasons. take a look when he played and won the motor classic in 2006. >> it's all tony reyes so far. the best game today so far. >> tony is going to try to do everything he can to hold off the attack from parker iii.
5:33 am
about is it 11:30 yesterday morning the chp said reyes crashed into a sound wall past marsh road on 101. he got out of his car and that's when he was hit by another vehicle. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. authorities say reyes died at the scene. the 38-year-old was an all-american bowler at san jose state. he lived in san bruno and helped at a bowling center in san jose. it it is a lot sawer this morning for pedestrian in south san jose. a new bridge opened up yesterday providing safer access to a shopping center. the walkway comes after a toddler died in the very same spot seven years ago. more from abc7 news reporter sergio quintana. >> elijah anyplace the purple rip won opening this pedestrian bridge to traffic. he was with his little brother on that terrible day when the two-year-old got killed by an amtrak train as he tried to cross the tracks with a sitter. his mother, nicole, was
5:34 am
devastated at the time. now she holds back tears as she crosses the bridge named after her son. >> a lot to take in right now. >> this is a bridge that's designed for pedestrian and bicyclists and among the first to cross is this woman. she said she used to pedal her son across the tracks throw games of the week. >> dangerous, right? >> very dangerous. any seven-year-old was let's go around, don't go over the track and i would say, okay. >> she's relieved for this new crossing. and along with the new bridge a shiny new fence has been installed to block people from walking over the train tracks here. so now that we have the pedestrian bridge, people can -- we are trying to funnel people into using the bridge. >> following the accident that killed little alexander, his family decided to leave san jose and now call fresno their home. though the death of the young child proved to be very difficult to handle, alexander's family returned for this emotional dedication.
5:35 am
>> he's saving lives. this is awesome. >> as everyone made it all the way across the bridge the emotion of the moment overcame the whole family. this bridge is called zander's crossing. his mother said his spirit will always give safe passage for all who choose to cross here. 2 took a year to design and construct the bridge but it took more than nine years to get the funding lined up for this $10.5 million project. in san jose, abc7 news. a state of the art facility in the fight against hiv a.i.d.s. has open in san francisco. the 17,000 square foot space has been completely renovated. officials say it's the only facility of its kind housed in a u.s. public health department. >> state and federal funds may
5:36 am
have been waning but we stood up and said we are ting this fight at the highest level to make sure we fund everything we can to end this a.i.d.s. epidemic. the mayor got a first-hand look at the renovation. there's a lot more space for a clinical trials and research. the facility has a brand new lab and patient exam rooms. still ahead, a rare chance to experience the america's cup firsthand today. we will tell you where you can meet oracle's crew and get a rare glimpse of the oldest trophy in international sports. also next the nobel prize winner that brought her message of peaceful political resistance to the bay area this weekend. let's step out and take a live look at the embarcadero from our roof cam at the studios. as lisa was saying, it doesn't look like we will have a warming trend, but we are going to. and i mean warming. lisa will have the forecast in
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>> 5:39 exactly on this saturday morning. looking at a live picture from the golden gate bridge. lisa arrangen is telling me if you want to keep it cool today, obviously that's a good place to be in that general area. upper 60s, mid-to upper 60s and that fog is going to be getting out of the way midday. a lot of plays to choose from. lisa will have the forecast in a little bit. the burmese opposition leader who spent nearly 15 years under house arrest is making her first visit to the bay area. about 9:00 this morning they will take part in a town hall style meeting at the war memorial gymnasium. yesterday she addressed an audience in downtown san francisco. abc7 news reporter leeann melendez told us about this important visit. >> she received a hero's welcome
5:40 am
at the san francisco's asia foundation. she's come to symbolize the struggle of the burmese people to be free when she herself was allowed to leave her home only two years ago. >> it is now up to all of us who remain to make sure that the transition comes as peacefully and as quickly as desirable. >> during her visit to the bay area, she met with political leaders and on tremendous entrepreneur and expressed their willingness to help support her country. she cautioned true progress in burma must include all people. >> it's not enough to help a country which is emerging from dictatorship into democracy. it has to be helped in such a way that the foundations of the democratic society would be strengthened. this, of course, means empowering the people. >> she spent 15 of the last 21 years under house arrest. but during her confinement, the world's continued to acknowledge her efforts to bring democracy
5:41 am
to burma, also known as miyanmar n1991 she was award the the nobel peace prize. recently on september 19th she was presented the congressional gold medal, the highest civilian honor in the u.s. under the leadership of the current president, the country is slowly seeing political and social reform. john brandon is a member of the burma task force for the asia foundation. >> he was looking at what other parts of southeast asia and other parts of asia were doing and how they were progressing and the economic development and felt that his people were falling behind and this was something that was not sustainable. >> please help us but in the right way. please help us supportfully, please help us but with proper sequencing, as well as the right speed. >> she will receive an honorary doctorate from the university of san francisco. she will also meet with members of the burmese community of the bay area.
5:42 am
in the newsroom, abc7 news. lisa argen is here to talk to us about something that impacts just about everybody. this interesting weather phenomenon known as a warming trend. >> we haven't really had any heat all summer long. let's wait until. as we head outside right now. the wind is blowing just a little bit now and this is from a roof camera. temperatures in the 50s. you don't believe me. >> i see it now. >> mist and fog and, in fact, pretty dense in spot. but on our way to one of the warmest weekends of the year. i'll have the forecast next. >> also ahead, the opening of the bay area's newest arts and entertainment venue and the incredible story and how it was funded. we will take you inside a modern day foundry where the future is under development now right now
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>> weill hall may will open in the wine country. don sanchez takes a four with the resident that made happen. >> that is sanford weill, the legendary banking executive and philanthropist. he and his wife donated $12 million to make weill hall a reality. >> we care about the arts and the community we live in and we
5:46 am
care about this university. >> the man considered the world's greatest opening pianist is the opening performer. >> language language -- lang-lang played a role in getting it finished. he tested the acoustics. >> here's here in the morning playing and moving the shades up and down, and called me up and told me he loved it. that's when we decided to make our gift. >> it is the centerpiece of the green center, which began 15 years ago with a donation from donald green. the auditorium seats 1400, but the back wall opens up and 5,000 more people can sit outside to listen. a new reason to its visit sonoma county. for now, for some of the best wine and food in the country, you can now add culture with the opening of this venue. it will be a versatile place. the university choir will
5:47 am
perform. ♪. >> alison krauss on sunday. it's the new home of the santa rosa symphony. weill hopes to create summer camps for kids to learn about music and dance. he believes success is more than profits, it's about giving. >> how can the company do things to make their community and our whole society a better place? >> here is an example. in rohnert park, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> final preparations are underway for oracle open world in san francisco. the annual user conference starts tomorrow. it is expected to attract about 50,000 people. the event is going to likely generate an estimated $120 million of revenue for the city. the inaugural music festival, as well as a user appreciation event on treasure island wednesday night. you know what they will have there? pearl jam. they know how to party. oracle open world runs through
5:48 am
next thursday. going to have a party. i think i'll bring pearl jam along. wow, that's a good time. and what's going back weather-wise? i know we have some 60s, 70s's, 80s, 90s to talk about? >> that's it. and a significant warming today. doesn't look like it. if you head outside the high definition emeryville camera, not only the fog here but it's made it's way into the livermore valley around san jose and dense fog along the central coast. and closers to home, of course, not only the fog here from our roof camera, we have mist and drizzle, as well. the sun coming up after seven. it's a spare the air day and we have an excessive heat watch onn the way for tomorrow. we are expecting some of the warmest numbers we've seen all year long and a full moon tonight. live doppler 7 hd. we will be able to see that. but right now, boy, we have a lot of fog out there. but that's because high pressure is building. it's compressing down on the atmosphere and that is allowing for the dense fog along the
5:49 am
coast. 54 half moon bay. it's 56 in fremont. good morning, santa rosa. 50s for you and we are looking at today to be really the better day out there because with the low clouds and fog our warmup will be a little slow to get started. look at the visibility. two and a half miles santa rosa, three miles half moon bay. plenty of fog to the south. you can see how far it reaches inland around the livermore valley and just about touching concord. the delta, though, is clear. so it's a spear the air day. we are looking at quickly warming temperatures today. tomorrow by far one of the hottest days we've seen but i think monday looks to be the warmer day. so the excessive heat watch through monday evening. and this morning, though, really a tale of definitely a couple different situations out there. we are looking at not only the fog this morning but the poor air quality throughout the afternoon in the east bay. the santa clara valley will see plenty of 80s and 90s and records, perhaps, tomorrow.
5:50 am
these are the ones to beat in the mid-90s for santa rosa. they have to make it up to 102. a lot of these not likely. but perhaps in livermore you can break a record set back in 1952. and red radioed city getting close as well as san jose. so we are looking at not only an excessive heat watch for tomorrow, but monday. i think temperatures will top out in the low 100s. look at all the areas affected. especially for the elderly, the young, the pets. but you know with the shorter days, it will cool quickly after that sunsets. so temperatures today ranging from 83 in milpitas, 85 in san jose. so very warm day and on the peninsula look for the fog early and then becoming mostly sunny, 62 there. plenty events. the polk street blues festival. look for 80s in the novato. upper 70s for oakland today, low 80 he is's in castro valley. head inland and low to mid-90s
5:51 am
here. what a change from yesterday. the trough brought us breezy, cool weather yesterday. and ironically in saratoga it's the breeze, it's spare the air day. those folks looking at a walk for a healthy air today in saratoga. kind of interesting with the spare the air day. a's, 73 at 1:00 and 77 later on in the afternoon at 4:00 we have the full moon tonight, the harvest moon. much warmer tomorrow with near 100 degrees on monday. not much in the way of cooling on tuesday. it's really wednesday and then thursday and friday temperatures slipping into the 80s." so it's going to be a prolonged time with high fire danger, low relative humidity, especially into tomorrow and monday. >> you are talking about great things to do. at the guard fence san francisco you can get up and possibly touch, get up right next to the catamaran that the oracle team is racing in the cup race. you can meet the crew. there's going to be an.
5:52 am
pad there and you can play," you know, video games like you are racing. >> cool. >> that goes from ten to five in san francisco today. that should be one heck of an event. >> yeah, along with all the other things going on. >> really. all right. thanks a lot. a research lab in palo alto is coming up with cool ideas for your smartphone or tablet. abc7 news, business and technology reporter david louie takes us inside. >> at&t calls it their foundry but instead of casting and molding metal, it's producing new apps and services to tap into today's high-speed wireless networks. one idea started just six weeks ago is linking patients with healthcare providers using tablets no monitor their vitals such as blood or weight realtime. another expected to be released next year promotes safety. you can track your teen agers location and speed at home from a tablet. this is called gio fencing.
5:53 am
>> gio fencing is setting a radius for the teenage driver and if he were to leave that area, the parent would receive an alert that the driver is out of the radius. >> at&t has set up foundries to foster invasion. the other tuesday are in texas and israel. >> most of these are outside developers, startups, they are architects and we think that drawing on that knowledge from the community is the only way we will move forward at a fast pace. >> there's been talk about replacing remote controls with voice commands. the foundry launched this app. >> 1,007. the audio gets sent up to the speech recognition server and in the cloud it figures out what those words were and how they match with the program content that's available. >> projects get 90 days to prove their worth or get chopped. the foundry is a busy place with about 30 projects underway at
5:54 am
any one given time. the goal is to have a high percentage of them end up on your smartphone or tablet soon. in palo alto, david louie, abc7 news. >> coming up next, the annual blessing of the pets in san francisco. we will have details about today's ceremony and get this. we will tell you how can still get your pet blessed, even if you can't be there.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> the pretty aluminumma national little league team that had that amazing third place finish at the world series last month is helping out less fortunate ballplayers a world away. local passion for the team generated thousands of dollars in cash and donated gear. more than $4,000 was raised through food and water sales at the team's victory parade alone. they report the president of the national little league is sending tens of thousands of dollars worth of donated baseball gear to the baseball
5:57 am
federation in uganda. that's after a team uganda captured americas heart by competing for the first time at the williamsport pennsylvania little league world series. this morning at nine it's the annual blessing of the pets and animals in san francisco. this year take place at saint won first parish. agent licks do the tradition to remember the patron saint of animals. for people who can't make the ceremony, you are okay because you can receive a blessing by e-mail. by e-mail. we have a link to register on our website. under "sea it on tv." next at section, we are following developing news. police in novato have arrest the the woman accused of touching her daughter after trying to shoplift at a morgan hills safe way. we will explain that story. and frustration in fran where thousands pedal on the 20th anniversary of critical mass.
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